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Kitty Monger


*steals Azi*


*M&Ms and rainbows*

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14 Aug 2009 01:29pm
mood ~ nuclear
6 days from now the lil flake will move into her dorm.


I truly hope she accomplishes what she wants to do - finding a safe way to store/dispose of nuclear waste and/or a clean way to use it.

Yes, she wants to be a nuclear engineer. Be scared world, be very scared ;)

Oh yeah, Japan was great. I do have photos, some are even processed.

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28 Jul 2009 05:27pm
mood ~ tired


Glad to be NOT moving and not in a vehicle of any type.

Knees very sore, feet very swollen. Upgrade would have cost 10k. Not kidding.
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27 Jul 2009 03:57am
Things I really liked about Shinjuku, Japan:

It was very clean.

There were nifty "trails" for the blind (detailed raised lines and dots in the sidewalks for use with canes).

Most people seemed actually friendly and glad to help, even if there was a communication barrier.

I dislike shopping malls, and I was impressed with the malls I went to.

I liked that I felt safe, no matter where I was.

Things I disliked about Japan:

The occasional whiffs of sewage.


I will post a more detailed account after I get back Tuesday - two hours before I leave ;)

22 Jun 2009 11:07pm
mood ~ annoyed
Some post on my friend's list has an audio embedded in it, and I can't find it. It is highly annoying.

Also annoyed that my "Glare" icon isn't working, so wormsign will have to do while I figure out what the problem is.

Oh, and I wish I could figure out what it is I'm hungry for so I can eat it and get on with eating the way I'm supposed to instead of everything in the house and still being unsatisfied.

Just the ones on paper for now
05 May 2009 04:09pm

9x12, acrylic on canvas paper, brush & palette knife

9x12, acrylic on canvas paper, brush & palette knife

9x12, acrylic on canvas paper, brush & palette knife

9x12, acrylic on canvas paper, brush & palette knife

9x12, acrylic on canvas paper, brush & palette knife

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2 of 5
02 May 2009 03:08pm

16x20, acrylic on board, brush

16x20, acrylic on board, brush

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Ms. Gerbil, this made me think of you
26 Apr 2009 12:09pm
From canticle

This is a parable that was taught in a religious studies class:

A woman came to the Buddha filled with grief over the death of her child. She asked the Buddha if there was anything that could be done to cure her grief. The Buddha said he knew of a concoction that would do so, and listed off ingredients. The woman got excited and said she would collect the ingredients post-haste. Before she left the Buddha said "The ingredients cannot come from a household that has experienced the loss of a loved one." The woman agreed to follow the directive and went off in search of the ingredients.

Everywhere around town she went she found people that were willing to give her the items she requested. However when mentioning the stipulation that it come from a home where no one had died, everyone had to turn her away. She went throughout the whole village and was unable to find someone that had not dealt with such a loss. Realizing this, she discovered the cure to her grief.

This brought tears to my eyes when I read it, because it feels true.
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23 Apr 2009 11:18am
Took a bunch of photos this morning when I WALKED to and from the shack! Yay me for walking!

There a a lot of them, so if you really want to see them, go visit my DA page, it'll be much easier. This is a link to the gallery, and everything with 042309 is from today (opens into a new browser window):

Not the greatest photos of these, but Gerbil demanded them!
22 Apr 2009 03:13pm

16x20, acrylic on board, brush, roller, sponge

16x20, acrylic on board, brush

16x20, acrylic and ink on board, brush, water, gravity
I plan to get a better photo, this is actually much prettier than it looks.

16x20, watercolor on board, roller, fingers

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08 Mar 2009 12:09pm





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Go and play this!
04 Mar 2009 10:05pm
mood ~ entranced

I purchased it after about 5 min of playing.

28 Feb 2009 12:09pm
Made green iced tea for the first time. Starting slow replacement of all the diet soda I drink. Can't just stop because of the caffeine addiction, and for me at least, caffeine in tea has never been enough to do a sudden switch. Light & tingly.

Also used the wet tea bags on some watercolor paper, so we'll see how that turns out. Will be light and airy for sure, tannish green.

25 Feb 2009 06:41pm
mood ~ Mostly
Right now I'm fairly happy.

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