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summersnowflake's Journal

Summer Snowflake
*cobwebs*, /'\«^·.·^»/'\, 13, 13dragons, 4" brushes, a beautiful nameless song, a missing textbat, a single point, a stairwell, abstract, abstract painting, alien ponies, answers i don't want, aoide, april in winter, asking questions i shouldn't, b&w, becoming grayscale, being in a nightmare, black, black&silver bunny ears, bunny jesus, cat tea, cats, cemetery, chaos, chaosflake, cookie zen, count fukula, cranes, dead sailors' shanty, deadly nightshade tea, dec 15, desaturated rainbows, digital art, drawing, dreams, driving off the bridge, drowning in m&ms, even though..., fascination with bridges, fatty drives the bus, flake, flealess flea markets, forks as cutting tools, frc, future song, geometric dizziness, getting through the next second, god's mom, goodwillblack, grayscale rainbows, having release form signed, heathen bastard, heathen christ, hemlock tea, home is wherever they take you in, i don't exist, icecream baths, imaginary dustbunnies, it's not a religion, its just a technique, knowing it does, living in the meadow, living on m&m's, lobster bisque for breakfast, lucidity in dreams, machin shin, marlana, milk&cookies in jail, moisten bink, moments of musical clairity, music of my mind, my own tyrant, mysterious ice, new model army, not leaving, oceanisdrowning, opalescent dragons, oreos, painting, palette knives, patience™, pen&ink, perki, personalities of leafless trees, photographing puddles, photography, pink floyd, plink, pretending it doesn't matter, radiant mythology, reading dhalgren yearly, rockishnessitude, rpg, run-on babbling, samuel r delany, scone fishing, sears thief, sending cookies, snibe, snow, snowflakes, spiders on my wall, stained glass, stealing azi, stolen trains, strange laminations, taunt the moonlight, textbat, textbat merchandise, textbats, the church (the band), the day my life lit up, the horde inside, the man in black, the silence of trees, there is a spoon, there is no spoon, thirteen, thirteendragons, through the shadow, tombstone, unfelt, unheard, unseen, unusual marble locations, walking to triton, web design, went to sleep with darkness, window-tree, winter, wishing it didn't, woke up with butterflies, x-feline, ~*~


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